Past Projects & Initiatives

Speed Limits

After working to keep the temporary 25 mph speed limits in place on Neil, 3rd, 5th, and King for many years after the completion of the Spring-Sandusky interchange, the SNCA worked with neighbors and the city to get the permanent speed limit reduced from the mandated 35 mph to 30 mph.  Parking lane striping was also added in attempt to visually narrow the road to reduce speed.  The result of these efforts is that the actual average speed traveled did not increase after the speed limit change.

Neighborhood Signage

Uniform welcome signage was installed at the major entrances to Victorian Village, Dennison Place, The Circles, Italian Village, and Harrison West.  A majority of the funding was provided by the Short North Civic Association with addition support from the Short North Foundation and Italian Village Society.

Races, Walks, & Events

Worked with the city and other neighborhood groups to drastically reduce the number of races and walks that took place in the neighborhood.  While many of the events support worthy causes, the number of them in the neighborhood had caused an undo burden on the neighborhood and frequently trapped people in their own homes.

Contributions To Other Neighborhood Groups

The Short North Civic Association makes contributions to projects that other neighborhood groups undertake including Hubbard Mastery School PTO, Doo Dah Parade, Friends Of Goodale Park, etc.

Urban Infrastructure Recovery Fund (UIRF)

UIRF is a central city capital improvement program. It was established in 1992 in recognition of the need for a specific capital improvement fund for Columbus’ older neighborhoods.  The Short North Civic Association works with the city to identify projects that will enhance and improve the neighborhood.  These have included Goodale Park Shelterhouse improvements, alley repair, sidewalk repair, street trees, park playground equipment, etc.

Goodale Park Gate Restoration

Funding was provided to Friends Of Goodale Park to undertake the restoration and preservation of the entry gates around Goodale Park.

Bicycle Bollards

Bicycle bollards were installed around High Street and in Goodale Park in collaborative project with the Short North Foundation, Short North SID, Comfest, and Friends Of Goodale Park.

Goodale Park Fountain

Funding was provided to Friends Of Goodale Park to complete the installation of the fountain in the Goodale Park lake.

Recycling Receptacles

Under the forward looking leadership our neighbor Pete Anderson, recycling containers were purchased and installed at several bus stops in the neighborhood to promote recycling long before home recycling was available in Columbus.

Bench Repair

The benches on Neil Avenue and in The Circles has deteriorated over time.  The benches were removed, disassembled, and rebuilt with new slats and a fresh coat of paint.