783 Summit Street

Large new build with 6 bedrooms for a young family.

Ingrid and Mike Navarro
783 Summit Street

Ingrid and Mike Navarro moved to Italian Village in 2011. Year later when faced with growing family needs, the couple decided to build on the vacant lot next door that came with their first home. Although the couple renovates historic homes in Columbus full-time, this was their first opportunity to build new construction. Known as “Big Blue,” this modern home, complete with five bedrooms and four-and-a-half baths, was designed by architect Christopher Gruette and completed in 2016 by Rowe House LLC, the couple’s home renovating business. The first and second floor consists of 2,633 sq. ft. Every square foot of this customized home was designed to maximize family living in an urban area.

The home’s interior optimizes space on both the basement and main levels for Mike’s favorite activity, entertaining friends and family. A carriage house provides Ingrid with a studio for oil painting; her work is displayed throughout the home. The unique design allows for a balance between adult pastimes, with space enough for two rambunctious children—and a Doberman Pinscher.