576 W Second Avenue

The property was originally built in 1967 not as a home, but as a body shop. It most recently served as a kitchen showroom before it was converted in January 2016 to a 2200 sq. ft. residential property with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and 14 ft. ceilings, as well as a 500 sq. ft. accessory apartment used for AirBnB rentals. The renovation was a family affair, as the owner’s parents and brothers helped build out the interior from what was previously cinder block walls and concrete floors.

The kitchen was shipped from Washington, DC, where it was previously in an apartment in the U Street Corridor that the owner’s brother transformed into a cocktail bar. The striking murals that adorn the walls – a 7×7 ft. Lichtenstein and a Mail Pouch on barn siding on the kitchen backsplash – were also painted by the owner.

A ceiling mount projector creates a 120 in TV on the wall opposite the kitchen, and a custom corrugated metal bar in the kitchen, complete with a custom-made liquor fountain, provides entertaining space. The owner’s father donated the pinball machine. The refrigerator and cabinets are built into the wall and flush with the rear of the kitchen. Office space, which the owner uses to create websites for small businesses around the Short North, is off the kitchen. The electronic workshop sits behind the office, and behind that is the wood shop the owner uses to create furniture and other items, recently outfitting Red Giraffe Designs on High Street with custom furniture and a chandelier. Several loft spaces provide extra storage and spaces for visitors to sleep.

Heading outside, the front driveway was converted to a patio behind a retaining wall, and the living room wall is a 10×10 ft. frosted glass garage door that opens up to the patio. The patio contains a fire pit, which provides ample entertaining space for parties. The frosted glass garage also door doubles as a movie screen for the projector.