340 Goodale Street, Unit 706

Charlie is a long-time resident of Victorian Village. He lived on Dennison Avenue, directly across from Goodale Park, for 34 years in the three-story home he purchased, gutted, and renovated in the 1970’s. After purchasing the vacant lot two doors south of his residence, Charlie’s next project was to purchase, move and renovate a duplex formerly located on Starr Avenue near Dennison, giving it a new life as a charming rental property. Charlie made the move from Dennison Avenue to Goodale Landing in February 2016.

An avid long-distance bicyclist for most of his adult life, Charlie is well known within the bicycling community and beyond, having served as the director of TOSRV (Tour of the Scioto River Valley) for more than 40 years. Photos and memorabilia featuring TOSRV are found throughout his home – don’t miss the display of many of these items in the powder room.

Antique family heirlooms, many dating back to the mid 1800’s, make up most of the furnishings in Charlie’s home. Note the unique locking mechanism on the chest of drawers in the bedroom, the beautiful highboy in the sun room, the elegant silver samovar in the living room and the magnificent dining room table, which his father had built in the fashion of a table he liked at Mt. Vernon.

The series of polo-themed prints in the living room were created by Betsy Shippert and printed on the commercial printing press that Charlie operated – as a hobby – in his basement on Dennison Avenue. An original Remington print hangs in the sun room, and the photo near the fireplace is by C.W. Barfield. The stained glass in the sunroom was created in memory of a dear friend who, along with Charlie, rode their high wheeler (penny-farthing) bicycles in many DooDah parades and even along the routes of some early Victorian Village home tours.

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